Wan Doy Pairs Poker


Wan Doy Pairs Poker is a Wagerworks poker game. Wagerworks is a streamlined casino game developer, having numerous gamers under their belt. Wan Doy Pairs Poker is definitely one of the best games under their belt. We have seen a lot of poker games coming up these days and we are well aware of the fun it gives to its players. The latest in the line of poker games is this game. The main aim of this game is to make a better hand than the dealer. Online casino games have become quite popular in these days. While talking about this game, not only have they offered a few exciting gaming hours but have also offered handful opportunities to earn a few bucks. As the popularity of such gaming or gambling has become massive, innovative ideas are getting introduced day by day in the market. Wan Doy Pairs Poker – is a newly introduced game in the world of online casino. This is basically a video poker game, having so many feature and options to contain the punters. This variant of common poker game is played with a seven card poker hand. Thus, it is quite different than traditional pokers games, in terms of hand rankings. Another common feature of this game is that both ante and bonus bets are mandatory.

How to Play and Win

Well, to know is it really difficult or not – we need to try our hand on this game. If you love poker and online gambling, then it is can be said that you will enjoy this game, because of its new formats and features. At the beginning, the player has to submit the ante and bonus bets into the pot. A player can also enjoy playing jackpot bets too. Hand ranking will be displayed on the screen when the seven-card hands will be distributed by the dealer. Now, the call or fold solely depends on the meticulousness of the player. So, both call and fold options ate there, you have to decide one amongst them. However, selecting the fold will lead to the loss of bonus and ante. Though jackpot bet will still be there to pay.
In case of call, call wager will be placed at the betting pool and comparison will be drawn between the player’s hand and dealer’s hand. Depending upon the result of the comparison, the payout will be awarded. In case of jackpot bet, rules will be the same as in that case, it will also be compared with the payout table. Either four of a kind or three of a kind are the two highest ranking possibilities in this game. Hence, you can see, if you are somehow a bit familiar with the poker games, you can play this game quite easily. With the newly added features, you will love to play this game and can get rid of your boredom by playing with the same old methods.

Game Features – Similar to the Seven Card Stud

No doubt that Wan Doy Pairs Poker has some unique features. Though, it has so many identical features with a game that belongs to this same niche, named as Seven Card Stud. The hand ranking option is pretty similar to the Seven Card Stud. Though the betting structure is different and that makes the Wan Doy Pairs Poker a bit unique. All credit must be given to the maker of this game, WagerWorks.