Multi Hand Blackjack


Multi Hand Black Jack is an online casino game. Online casino player would love playing this game as it is indeed different of its kind. There is not doubt on the fact is that Blackjack provides the most exciting gambling experiences to the users. The popularity of the blackjack games speaks for them and if you are an online casino player, then playing Multi Hand Blackjack would be an excellent idea. This is one of the best table games ever, which offers plenty of chances to the players to win, as well as plenty of fun and excitements. It allows casino players to do betting and earn money out of it. As it is a flash player user’s first need to install a flash player. Once a player starts playing the game he is sure to forget everything around him. So play this game for free and win among your competitors.

How to win and Play

Well, without wasting much time, let us come to the real deal, i.e. – how to play Blackjack games? To start with simply click on a chip of your desired value from the rack. Up to £1,000 per hand bets you can make through Blackjack. This is the highest and that means, you can simply start with £5-10 or with even £1. You also have the option to remove your bets before you have started dealing with the cards. In fact, if you want to remove all your bets and want set them in a new way, you can do that, but of course before you deal with the cards.
Different betting options are there for the punters in Multi Hand Blackjack. Two distinct and most popular options are:

  • Repeat and Deal: This is simply nothing but repeating your deals from the last game.
  • Let’em Ride: This is another way of repeating your last game bets and moreover, last game’s bets will be associated with the winning from the last game. Though, this option will be void if your previous bet has taken away insurance.

To win Blackjack, you need to be the hand, which is closest to the number 21. You can make different cards combinations to achieve 21. From 2 to 10 and the picture cards – you can choose all to make 21, the magical figure of the game. However, an Ace, which is also known as Blackjack, will be the determinant factor. Having the Ace in your combination will beat all other combinations. If you numbers are exactly as the dealer’s card numbers, then your bet will be given back to you and you can start with a new bet or a new game.

Best Game Features

Due to the presence of so many variants, Blackjack games are highly popular in these days. Here are some distinct and interesting features of Multi Hand Blackjack:

  • Splitting
  • You can split your hands, only if you have received to identical cards. This means two separate hands will act together to beat the dealer’s hand. This will definitely give you more chances to win. You must bet the same wager when splitting hands.

  • Doubling Down
  • This is the process of doubling your original bets. This can be done after disclosing your first two cards. For applying this method, you can draw one more card if you like.

  • Insurance
  • This is very important and one of the prime feature of the game. When deal’s cards include an Ace, you can safeguard your hand by opting for insurance. This will cost you half of your original wager. However, if dealer’s cards do not include Blackjack, you will lose your original wager. It is to be noted that insurance option is there to cover your original wager, not the double down bet.