Pacific Attack


The Pacific Attack Game represents the actions of the World War in the Pacific Ocean and the events that occurred during that time. It is a video slots game that showcases some of the fiercest battles that was raged during that time.

Rules and Strategy

The key features of the game align with the temperament of the time of World War and the gamers have a lot to enjoy particularly those who want to enjoy. Additionally, the players have an opportunity to wager over 300 coins. The entire game is controlled with the help of the following buttons:

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  • Max Bet: Allow the players to choose pay lines and spins according to the value of the coin and bet level.
  • Coin Value: The amount that a player has put on bet on a specific pay line starting from 1 to 20 cents.
  • Bet Lines: There are 15 pay lines in this game and the players are free to press this button in case they are keen to change a pay line.
  • Spin Symbol: With the help of this button, the players can spin the reels.
  • Bet Level: This button enhances the value of the game for those players who are keen to change the amount of bet.

Therefore, if you are prepared to strike on the Pacific Ocean enthused by the World War 2 battles in the main and the bonus game and you will have the opportunity to win as much as 300,000 coins in the former one and up to about 250,000 coins in the latter game. However, only that player is able to get a payment, who has exhibited the highest win in a bet line.


You can also enjoy the key features of the game as all of them are going to leave you bewildered with their versatility and the speed with which the game proceeds. In other words, you have to be fast and agile in order to align yourself with this speedy battle game that has captivated the mind of the online gamers to a great extent. Let us find out some of the features of this game in the following points:

  • Pacific Attack is a multiple-coin and five reel video game consisting of fifteen lines
  • The wild symbol present in this game includes a pilot icon whereas the girl represents the scatter symbol. The Three Spins Bonus Round comes into the scene three scatter symbols appear on the five reels.
  • There is a Battleship Bonus Game, which replicates the conventional battleship game in which the battle ships of the enemy is to be sunk by a player for winning the bonus amount that we have discussed above.
  • There are various other symbols in this game that include the Parachute Bomb, Service Medal, Contact Mine, Star Courage, Officer’s Cap, Bombs and the Victoria Cross.

Best Feature

On the whole, Pacific Attack is an action-packed game that will take you to the era of Second World War and the activities that took place during that time. The best part is that the game offers users to win a maximum amount of 300,000 coins. Though, winning this maximum amount may seem unrealistic for many payers, but streamlined players can definitely go for this.