Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck is a five reel, online casino slot game featured by Betluck that offers you real time and thrilling online slot games to keep the spirit of the game so alive and interactive. It is a one way ticket for you to make millions and to live the way you always wanted to be. Thunderstruck2 game is themed on the Norse mythology and even the four levels are named after the famous Norse mythological characters. Thunderstruck 2 is a four level game.

ThunderStruck 2

Four levels of Thunderstruck 2

Valkyrie level

Valkyrie is one of the famous Norse characters who decide who should die and live in the battle. So this is the first level and has first to fourth trigger. You will be getting ten free spins with a 5x multiplier.

Loki Level

Loki is the God of mischief in Norse mythology. He has been referred to as shape shifter, is a deceptive god who he appears in the form of a salmon, mare, seal, a fly, and possibly an elderly woman. Loki level is for 5th to 9th triggers. If your reels have the Wild Magic feature then you will be awarded with 15 free spins and if you get Wild Magic symbols on reel 3, then the symbols will be transformed into additional wilds.

Odin level

Odin is a God of War and Death, but also the god of poetry and wisdom. Odin can make the dead speak to question them and finding answers. Odin level is 10th to 14th trigger. You will get 20 free spins in with the wild raven feature and getting one Odin’s raven will give u 3x multiplier and for three ravens you will be awarded a 6x multiplier.

Thor level

Thor is the Norse God of thunder and one of the most powerful gods. He was very popular as the protector of both gods and humans against the forces of evil. Thor level is for 15th trigger and more. You will get 25 free spins with Rolling Reels. If you win immediately after a previous win, then 2x multiplier is automatically awarded by a 5x multiplier.
Thunderstruck2 is designed by keeping three important factors in mind.


Thunderstruck2 is developed and designed to be a convenient slot game for you to enjoy the game at the convenience of you playing at home which eliminates the need for you to actually travel to a casino and play the game .


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No Pressure

Playing online is more comfortable as compared to playing in the real casino. This is because many players feel pressurized and intimidated by the other gamers who might distract.
The beauty of this game is to offer unlimited entertainment even to first time gamers who do not possess any specific skill as required by them to play this game. Slot games like thunderstruck 2 is a highly interesting game and keep the player’s interest level on high spirits. There is no need to download any game software .so gamers can play the games online. Betluck wants to spark the imagination and keep the dream of winning alive through its wide array of games. Have you ever dreamed of having all the money to spend on things you want most? Well, then, the Thunderstruck2 online slot game can provide that opportunity for you. Thunderstruck2 provides an ultimate thrill for you without spending a fortune. Gone are the days when the winning proceeds with slot machines payouts would be small and inconsiderate. Now the payout prize is so huge that it’ll change your lifestyle forever.