Immortal Romance


This video slot game was a long awaited on in the market as loads of advertisements were there from the makers to promote this game, before it gets released. Finally, the game was released in the year of 2011, in the month of December. As soon as it released due to its heavy promotional popularity, huge craze for this slot game was observed. This is basically a 243 ways video slot, manufactured by the creators of Thunderstruck II. Probably, this is the reason for the game’s similarity with Thunderstruck II. Though similarity in terms of graphics is present, but game platform and game theme is completely different. The makers have done every bit to make this game amazingly popular and incredibly exciting. Game features are quite unique and bonus features are vast, as well as interesting. Along with the bonus feature, the game consists of wild desire feature.

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Rules and Strategy

The graphics of the game is commendable and as it is already mentioned that the game possess many common features with the Thundestruck’s II ‘Wildstorm, which is developed by the same maker. Though, a few common feature and similarities in graphics are there, but both the games are based on different ideas. To play this game, one needs to understand the Wild desire feature precisely. Those, who have already played Thundestruck’s II ‘Wildstorm would find this feature is as same as in the Thundestruck’s II ‘Wildstorm game. The feature can appear during the game play. Your game will stop and the reel will start to roll. There is minimum one reel and maximum number is five. Though, the bad thing is that the feature appears rarely in the game.

Guidelines – How to Play

If you can hit 3 scattered symbols in the main game, then you will be taken to the bonus round, called as ‘chamber of spins’. 5 bonus options are there and you need to select one of them. Now, let us look into these four bonus rounds to understand them precisely:

  • Amber Bonus Feature – From the first trigger of the bonus feature, the bonus is available. 10 free spins will be awarded to the players initially. For every win, you will get point, multiplied by 5. Also, if you win, it can be re-triggered. So, this is a great chance to multiply points as much as possible.
  • Troy Bonus Feature – From the 5th trigger of the bonus feature, you can make this option available. There will be 15 free spins with the feature, named as Vampire Bat. Bats will appear randomly and will provide you the opportunity to hit x2- multipliers, x3-multipliers, etc. Maximum 6x multiplier is available.
  • Michael Bonus Feature – From 10th Trigger of bonus feature, it becomes available for the players. 20 free spins, along with rolling reels will be awarded to the players. Like other bonus modes, a lot of multipliers are also available in this case too. Maximum awarded multiplier is 5x.
  • Sarah Bonus Feature – This bonus feature is available from the 15th trigger of the bonus feature. 25 free spins are awarded to the players, along with the wild vine feature. The wild vine symbol comes at the 3rd reel.

Best Feature

The bonus features of this game are definitely the best features. With so many bonus rounds, players have the chance to grab a good sum through this game.