Let It Ride Pro


In most of the poker gamer games, players seem to increase their bets as they gain confidence and start winning more and more. Let It Ride Pro is a mainstream poker game, with a few alterations in the regulations, which has made this game more interesting and very much desirable about the online poker lovers. The main advantage is that you can lay your bets before you see the cards and can pull the money off the table if you think that your cards are poor, not good enough to clinch victory for you. It is basically a mid-bet-level game which has a maximum chip size of 5000. If you do not want to invest much, just want a bit safe gambling, then this game is for you. Yes, too much predictability has lowered down the excitement level, but at the same time you cannot deny that it gives you security for your money. Do not let your money on sheer luck, always measure the situation – this is what the game is all about. In the next segment of this article we will learn about this game in detail and find the different aspects that would help us to understand the game.

Rules and Strategies

Let IT Ride Pro is a classic poker game, having plenty of unique features and advantages for the gamblers. But the only big drawback of this game is that it does not have any jackpot to offer. Though, you can find that earning through this game is not a difficult things either and above all, chances of losing huge money is void in case of this game. The casino chips are as follows: 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, and 5. Wagering limit varies from 1 to 100 and the default bet size is 1!

The theme of the game is classic poker and players can strategize their game play as they used to do with other poker games. The game starts with 1 deck of cards, which means total 52 cards at the initial stage. Up to three hands, you can play this game, which is like all other classic poker games. Rules are quite simple in this game; nothing is there which can be termed as complicated.

How to Play

The game is developed by the Rival group which has designed plenty of online game software, and most of them are poker games. Game play options are very simple and due to nice and clean graphics, you would not find it difficult to navigate and explore different options. Though, in this game you do not have the chance to hit the jackpot, but winning good amount is almost certain. You can start with a very nominal bet and can withdraw your amount if you don’t feel confident with the hand that you received.

Best Feature

Changing bet by judging the hand is the best feature of this game and this is the feature which separates this game from the other classic poker games.