Major Millions


Major Millions is the most popular and recognized progressive jackpot games that have been around for many years. With a fun military theme and 15 pay lines there are plenty of opportunities and action in this volatile progressive slot. This Major Millions have been developed by the micro gaming and it is linked through another progressive pokers to offer higher prize money jackpot which can become a life changer.

The game includes a pirate’s ship in background and a jolly roger at the top of the screen. Symbols are designed with the use of pirate based themes. Some of the important symbols of this game are – the pirate captain, treasure chest, the ships, the pirates, compass and standard aces – Kings, Queens, Jacks and tens. With such wide variety of symbols and exciting game play mode, the game is bound to take you into a joy ride.

How to play

Playing major millions is easy with a fixed bet prize of 20c. The player has to select a pay line of 1 to 15. But the progressive jackpot can only be activated on the last pay line and the best way is to play with the maximum lines at times. All the signs of Major Millions are of a military theme such as tank, general, aircraft carrier, fighter jet, and binoculars. Like most pokies five right signals on a pay line pays out with five binoculars paying 80 coins and major millions the most with 8000 coins. When you land 3 or more scatter signals the winning amount is multiplied by 3 times to 50 times. The major millions sign also serves as a wild symbol and can be used to play at any pay line.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics on Major millions are easy simple and fun looking and keeping with the tradition of Microgaming’s slot line. Winning pay lines are lit up and scatter symbols spin in place with bells and whistles for to look at the way for increased methods of winnings. Sound effects include a military marching tune with the major laughing, whist the background sounds will bring back the happy memories of time at the fairground.


Major millions offer a jackpot that is valued from $250,000 to $ 1,000,000. The present value of the time when the play is will rely on the previous hit. Winning the top prize in the jackpot on major millions does not require any special talent or method and simply to bet on five major millions symbols on the 15th pay line and the best player will win the progressive jackpot. The key to winning is to play with the maximum number of pay lines. If you are not playing on the last pay line then you will never have the chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Special features

There is no shortage of special features and additional methods to win the major millions. The scatter symbols can appear on any pay line and it will increase the winning amount by 3 times, 5 times, or even to 50 times depending upon how many scatters the player manages to land and it is 5 per spin. The wild symbol can be substituted for any symbol except for the scatter when the player land 5 wilds which are the maximum amount on a single pay line, the player automatically when the top no-progressive jackpot amount of 8,000 coins. Finally major millions offer quick spin and regular and expert form of attributes.