Funky Chicken


Do you like parties? Are you a party freak? Well, most of us are party freaks in reality! Who does not like to be a part of a rocking party, dancing and gossiping around with friends? The wild disco clubs are epitome of new generation. People love to play with rocking stuffs and imagine if a slot game offers them such things! Well, stop imagining – a new slot game in now in town, which offers plenty of fun and a complete party-like rocking game play ambience. What they need to do? Nothing, but place their bets, get into the play mode and enjoy playing, as well as winning. The new 3D slot game Funky Chicken has been released recently, which is an exciting game, having a lot of features in offering for the gamers. If you want to get rid of your boredom and want to try something new, then this is the game for you. This will surely engage you for a few extra hours, so get ready for that!

This is a fully animated 3D slot game, exciting, funny and engaging. Anyone can try this – no matter if you are a novice slot payer as the game options are easy to understand and keeping the rewards in mind, it is worthy enough to try. In the game, the main character is a chicken, which is in the attire of a cool dude. It will be with you throughout the game play mode.

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Rules and Strategy

This is basically a 5 reel slot game, having a lot of feature and symbols that player need to understand before they start playing. There are 20 pay lines, like all other slot games. The game is based on a story, which goes like this – a fox will chase a few funky chickens. Here the chickens are quite robust and can easily outsmart the fox. The chase will continue throughout the game and different places will be visited by chaser and the survivors.

Funky Chicken introduces a number of features for the gamers, including – scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus points, free spins and a high jackpot amount. As a startup better, you can start with a basic 0.01 pounds and then you can gradually increase your bets. It has to be reminded that high bets are always advantageous as you can clinch high final amount for you. One can place 5 coins, per pay lines.

How to Play

To play Power Blackjack Player’s Suite, as mentioned earlier you have to follow the same card rules as you do in case of classic style blackjack game. To play this game online,

  • Simply click on the SPIN or AUTO SPIN button and the game will start at the current line bet and coin value at the current amount of active win lines. By default this is set to the maximum amount of win lines (20), COIN VALUE of 0.05 and LINE BET of 1. You can also customize your bet settings
  • The fastest and easiest way to play is to click the AUTO SPIN button. This will automatically set the reels into motion and keep them spinning, using the same bet values as the previous spin, until you click on the AUTO SPIN button again or you run out of credits.
  • The easy way to play using the maximum bet values is to simply click the MAX BET button. This will automatically assign 5 LINE BET credits to all the active WIN LINES (20) at the selected COIN VALUE.
  • You can also customize your bets instead of using the MAX BET option, by using the following buttons:
    1. LINE BET button to select the bet level (between 1 and 5) that you want to play at.
    2. SELECT LINES button to choose how many active win lines you want to bet on.
    3. SELECT LINES button to reduce/increase the number of active win lines you’re playing.
    4. CHOOSE BET button to change the monetary value of the credits you’re betting with.

When you get a winning combination on the active win lines, you’ll see your winnings appear in the WIN display in cents. Or, if you click on the WIN display once, you can see your winnings in credits.

Best Feature

The game is a 3D slot game, newly released! Hence, it is exciting and the game play concept is quite funny, as well as very engaging. The graphics of the game is appreciable!