What are Online Casinos?

An online casino is a casino games based website which facilitates you to play casino games such as Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Slot games over the internet.

Who can play the games?

Anyone who is above 18 years old with a computer and an internet connection can play the game from anywhere in the world.

What is online gambling and how are they different from real world game?

Online gambling is usually the wagering of bets on Casino type games over the Internet. In the real world game, you physically go to the casino and play your favorite game but online games are played over the internet.

How do I start playing the casino games?

You can start playing online casino games with websites that offers casino games. Most online Casino based game websites require you to sign up before playing. You need to register yourself with the respective website that allows you to play. The best way to find a casino that suits your needs is to Google search for online casino index that will index the entire list of famous online Casinos.

What is the process for depositing or withdrawing money from online Casino?

Before playing the game you need to deposit a specified amount depending on the games that we offer. Betluck provides online money transfer platforms like Neteller or Moneybookers for a convenient and secure money transfer.

Do I need a credit card to play online?

Not necessarily. You can also pay using wire transfers or e-wallets that take money directly from your bank account for registration and deposits.

How safe gambling online is?

So far there has not been a single incident where a customer has lost money with Betluck featured games. Betluck has a strict and transparent policy towards money transfers. Betluck offers secure payment getaways through its reputed online fund transfer facility. Betluck is licensed with the Isle of Man government which is by the way very strict. Obtaining a license is a very painful process which involves a lot of ground work working with the government authorities. Betluck’s website has the 128-bit SSL encryption which is considered to be the safest encryption. So you can be rest assured that the transaction is fair and transparent.

What if I’m having problems transferring funds or any other technical problems?

Online casinos are big competitive businesses and they rely on prompt customer service and retaining customers. Betluck has a 24/7 customer service where its technical staff will answer your queries regarding any questions related to online casino games. The staffs at Betluck will not leave any stone turned to provide the solutions for all of the problems you are facing. Almost every online casinos boasts of having a 24/7 customer support but few of them really stand up to their promises and if at all they have customer support, the support staff will not have an idea of what gambling is.

Should I download any software for playing online?

Betluck does not require you to download any game software for you to start playing. Betluck uses FLASH instead of a downloaded program which runs on your web browser that often saves your precious time. Betluck also offers sound animations and great graphics to enhance the player’s gaming experience.

What are the games that are offered by Betluck?

When it comes to the choice of games no one can rival Betluck. Here you can have a wide variety of games and you can choose whichever game that better suits to your taste. Some of the games which are available are table games like roulette, craps, and black jack. Slot games like Thunderstruck2, My perfect date, Pirate, Amazing Circus, Astro City, Atlantic Quest, Haunting Harry etc. are available and table games like Sic Bo, Let it Ride Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Punto, Banco, European Roulette, Classic Blackjack Gold and many others.

Will my privacy be honored?

Betluck has a strict privacy policy where all your personal information is securely stored .Betluck does not use this information for other promotional activities or sell that information to other marketers.

Are the games provided by Betluck compatible with Windows or Macintosh operating system?

All the games provided by Betluck are compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems and work on all popular web browsers.

What are the basic guidelines for a first time online gamblers??

Gambling should be done in moderation and undertaken as a form of leisure, not as a genuine way of making money. Don’t be too greedy.
Be vigilant while transferring money and don’t use other third party fund transfer services unless Betluck says so.
Avoid chasing losses
Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend.
And finally if you lose some money via gambling, don’t take it too personally.