Red Dog


Red Dog is a popular table game which has been offered by almost all online casino platforms. Though, the game is not casino based, still it manages to become quite popular for its unique game features. Playing this relatively unknown game is a fun and at the same time, it gives pleasure to the players who want a break from the regular casino games. It is a kind of recreation for the online gamers, where something new is in offering to be explored. The strategies are easy, game play options are interesting and above all, a little bit earning can also be possible through this game. So, what more you want? Everyone loves a bit easy money and for that reason this game is worthy of trying!

Rules and Strategies

The game play is based on simple microgaming logic. With a single deck, the players can try their hands on this piece of game. Bet ranges from 1 credit to 50 credits, which is quite good in comparison with other online mainstream casino games. If you are familiar with poker games, then you would not face difficulties to understand the rules of this game. Cards are ranked as per the rules of the poker games, regarding Ace as the highest. When you will start this game, you will find that a casino table is placed on the screen. The graphics part of this game is quite satisfying and soothing for the eyes. At the bottom area, you will find your betting options and the payout table is located at the center of the screen. You need to put ante wager to get started with the game. Now, you have to let the computer to know your deal by pressing the ‘deal’ button. If you have received two consecutive cards then the hand is regarded as a tie and your bet will be returned. If you have two equal cards, then third card will come into the action at the center slot. The general payout is calculated as 11 to 1. There are no chances of winning any jackpots though.

How to Play

As a player, you need to make two decisions in this game which are equally crucial and will determine your fate of winning or losing. The first decision, which is you need to take is to specify the amount of ante wager. This is basically a bankroll decision, which has nothing to do with the game strategy. The next decision and the most crucial decision is to make mind for raising amount or not when a spread is announced. You need to take this decision in a very calculative manner and the base of your decision should be mathematical, as well as logical.

Best Feature

The game features some excellent options. Though, the best thing of this game is definitely its simplicity. You do not need to bite your nails neither you need to repent for your bets as margin of loss is very minimal.