Lucky Draw Joker Poker


Based on the classic poker theme, Lucky Draw Joker Poker is yet another video poker game, having a few distinctive characteristics and options to offer to the gamers. IGT, a renowned game developer brand, is the developer of this game and it was released back in 2010. After its release, it became widely popular throughout the world and still the craze amongst the online gamers is high for this game. The game features excellent game play options, with some unique features. This is a multi hand poker game, where the users can play up to 4 hands at the same time. From a deck of 53 cards, each hand is dealt with.

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Rules and Strategy

Lucky Draw Joker Poker is basically a multi-hand poker game, as mentioned earlier. This is nothing but a classic style poker game, having all those conventional options in it, along with some hints of innovations. In the game play mode, the gamer can achieve the best hand if he or she can reach 5 of a kind hand. In the deck there will be 53 cards and each hand is dealt from that deck. Unlike some video slot games, this poker game has been molded by simplicity. For this reason, beginners can even cope with this game easily. The game will begin with 5 cards on hand and through discarding some of the cards, the player has to achieve the winning hand.

Overall, it can be concluded that the game is quite easy to start with and the rules are simplified for the gamers in order to aid them with a hassle free poker gaming experience. If you are a novice to the poker gaming world, then choosing this game will be very much beneficial as this will be easier to pursue for the new users.

How to Play

To play Power Blackjack Player’s Suite, as mentioned earlier you have to follow the same card rules as you do in case of classic style blackjack game. To play this game online,

  • To get started with this game, players can find three betting options initially.
  • They need to click just one of them and then press play button to start with the game play.
  • A player can bet up to 20 credits, which means a maximum 5 credits for each hand.
  • If he or she feels they have accumulated a high number of credits, then they can go for ‘Bet Max’, which will automatically put 20 credits on bet.
  • The pity is that the game does not have any jackpot.
  • Though, plenty of bonus points are there for players to enjoy if someone has the caliber and skills in playing poker, he or she can grab a high amount via gambling with this game.
  • Players will be catered 5 cards initially and through the use of ‘Hold’ button, they need to keep their desired cards.
  • If they click on ‘Deal’, then they will get the replacement card for the card that they want to replace.

Best Feature

Luck Draw Joker Poker is a complete poker game, having a lot of interactive options in offering. At the center of the table, you will find the ‘wanted poster’ which offers awards up to 4700 coins. The option is lucrative and makes the game quite exciting.