Da Vinci Diamonds


If you want to take tour of the Renaissance period in this era of cutting edge technology, then playing Da Vinci Diamonds online is recommended for you. This is a game which contains perfect vintage elements to provide you a glimpse of the historical periods of middle age. Plenty of chances are there for storming your brain and to win a fistful of money as well. In fact, you can win multiple times on a single play! Is not that amazing? Well, certainly it is! You have the opportunity to use up to 300 free spins, and hence a lot of bonus points. So, spin your luck and get into the world of vintage fun with Da Vinci Diamonds. If you are bored of with the same old action packed and other poker gaming stuffs, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to provide yourself something different.

Rules and Strategies

To play the game with real fund and to win the real cash, select the ‘Play for Real’ mode. If you are a novice, not to worry as you do not need to rush for the ‘Play for Real’ mode. All you need is to practice a bit with the free version of the game where no bets are needed. This free version is available for the player in order to make them accustomed with the game play modes and different features of the game. Although, you are not betting with the real money, you can always build your winning strategies through this free playing mode. Once, you feel comfortable with the general game play mode, you can move on to the real gaming segment, where you can bet with your money and can win a handful of money by multiplying the base amount with different free spins and bonuses.

How to Play

Playing this game may seem a bit difficult for many people and the reason behind that is the complicated game setup. Actually, the game is different from the mainstream poker and other casino games. The concept is totally different and to understand the theme of the game – many people have to itch their heads a bit. However, if you have a little interest in history and puzzles sorts of things, then you will find this game as very interesting. To start with the game, you have to specify your initial balance. The more amounts you invest the more you have the chance of winning. However, there is the fear of losing is also breathing at your neck. Hence, select the base amount strategically and depending upon your confidence level.

The game features 20 pay lines and you can bet 1 to 5 credits on each pay line. Click play button to start or to spin the reels. Loads of symbols are there and you need to understand those precisely in order to play the game with perfection.

Best Feature

The game has a lot of features, though the vintage game play is the best feature of the game. This makes this game to stand out of the cro9wd of many other mainstream poker games.