Phantom Belle Bonus


Phantom Belle Bonus is basically a five card draw poker game. Those who are familiar with the poker games and game play rules can easily take part in this game through online platforms. The game is quite easy to play if you are experienced in poker games and offering lucrative chances for the players to win big deals. The basic payout conditions for this game are: Four-of-a-Kind with Aces, Twos, Threes, or Fours. Like all other poker games, this has some due risk factors, which are indeed depending over the meticulousness of the players. If you have the skills in poker, then grab the jackpot amount which is quite big and would be a lifetime win for you. For beginners, it is advised to play the game with short bets so that losing chances can stay minimal, while after a little practicing risks can be initiative with big amounts which also ignites the chance of winning big.

This is a classic five card draw poker game, which is quite exciting, requires skills and perfect meticulousness and patience for winning. However, the game has some exciting features to offer to the players, which we will discuss in this article in the later part. Potential reward amount is quite high and that is why this game is worth to try. If you like to bet, want to try your luck, along with some spurs of excitements then this is the chance for you.

Rules and Strategies

To start with Phantom Belle Bonus, first you need to choose your bets. Betting one would let you up to five credits. You can start game after placing your suitable bets or can go for easy game start by clicking consecutive five times on the ‘Bet 1’ button. This will take you to the game play directly. This is called BET MAX, which means you can have 50 credits max in your account with five trigger over the Bet 1 button of the game. If you wish to replay the bets, click on REBETS. Like other poker games, the strategy is simple – you need to hold the cards by clicking on them or alternatively, if you wish to release the card, do not click on that. There is another button, named as TURBO button, which does not change the basic game play but definitely plays a major role in this game. Turbo option is pretty common in online poker games; though for the beginners let us re-discuss this. TURBO does not influence the method of play rather is fasten the game play.

How to Play

Joker is the lucky card in this game as it carries the highest point and priority. Rules are more or less the same as the other poker games and card orientation is kept unchanged. You can try your luck with hitting the bigger bets which will lead to bigger monetary success.

Best Feature

Among a lot of features, the overall makeover of the game can be termed as the best feature of the game. It allows plenty of chances of winning and rules are not at all complicated.