How To Deposit Money

How to deposit with moneybookers 

Here we explain how to deposit

There are 2 ways to fund your moneybookers account.

- to fund with your credit card
- to fund by bank transfer;

How to fund with credit cards

- After logging in, Click on “Upload Funds
- Choose “Credit Card” as a payment method

betluck money deposit credit card


First, you have to link your moneybookers account.

betluck moneybookers account

(※in this case, 2 credit cards are already registered)
・Choose “Use a new Credit Card” and enter the name of the card holder, the card type(VISA, MASTER, etc)The card number, the expiry date.

(It is important to click the check box The fund is for Gaming Purposes

※If you check the wrong box, then you can’t deposit at a casino website.


How to deposit by Bank Transfer

- After logging in, Click on the “UPLOAD FUNDS
- Choose “Bank Transfer” as a payment method

betluck money trasnfer

Enter the amount you want to deposit, then click on “NEXT”

betluck moneyaccount deposit

The details for deposit appears, including the amount of deposit
※You have to deposit the exact same amount which the details shows.

Check the following details

Account number
Branch Code

※After that, you have to transfer money yourself
※The name of the transferor must match the registered name at moneybookers. Also, the amount must match the amount which was shown.
※If those don’t match, the money will be sent back.
※When transfer, it might be better to enter the reference number of moneybookers right next to the transferor name.

If you have successfully deposited, it will be reflected in your moneybookers account.

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