Mr. Good

People have a common tendency as they always love the stories which portray heroism or sacrifices. Like the story of Robin Hood, where he is the sole hero and good for the poor and bad for the rich. If you are an ardent slot lover, then playing such a game which portrays heroism would be fantastic. So, are you looking for a game which is exciting enough and offers some good deals too? Well, then this is the right place as over here we will discuss about the wonderful 3D slot game, namely Mr. Good. Sheriff gaming niche is always been popular in the world of online slots. Mr. Good is yet another game from this niche, have plenty of new features and fun into offering for the gamer.


Mr. Good is an online slot game launched by Sheriff Gaming. Casino players can now play Mr. Good slot game as it is an online slot game, having 5-reel and 30-payline and on top of these the game is exciting. It thus offers immense fun to its players. The about this exciting factor game is that it has a vibrant game interface and adorable. These features will indeed make players feel excited enough to try their hands on this game. If you are a fan of Disney’s Robin Hood, then you will definitely experience a lot of similarities between Robin Hood and this game. And no doubt you will fall in love with this game as soon as you start playing it.
The main game characters of this game are, Robin, which is a fox, will accompany you throughout the game. Apart from Robin, another important character of this game is King John – a tiger, with king’s attire. Apart from these two characters, gaming elements, like – gold crown, castles, sacks of gold, etc. are also designed in a pretty adorable and interesting manner.

Rules & Strategy

For the starters or novice slot players, this game is perfect as the game endorses generous features. Playing the game would not cost much to the gamers. Moreover, gamers have high possibilities to end up with a plus and a few more added benefits are also there. Along with normal game play level options, two bonus rounds are there for the gamers to earn a bit extra from this game. These bonus rounds are: Click-Me Bonus and Feature Bonus. The game also features a Double-Up round, where the gamer needs to play against the Robin. In this round your task will be to predict the dice’s number – whether it will be odd, or it will be even. A perfect treat for the gamblers and for this reason, the round is also called a Gamble Round.

How to win and play

Before start spinning, you need to determine your total bet. For this you need to understand two factors; one is coin denomination and the other one is counting the numbers of coins per pay line.

Best Special Game Features

The most vibrant part of the game is that it is quite generous for the gamers, in term of its cost. There are plenty of chances to win bonus and getting familiar with this game is not at all difficult. Though it is quite difficult for the gamers to activate the bonus modes, a veteran would not face too many problems with this. Entering the bonus mode would lead you to the castle treasury, where you can unleash many surprises and can earn a handful through that.