Ten Play Bonus


Ten Play Bonus is a popular video poker game that has recently launched into the market and since its arrival in the market it has managed to grab quite bit popularity. Those who are quite familiar with the poker games and bonus poker play would find this game very much suitable and easy to play. Like all poker games, this game has distinct cards values and priorities, which are needed to be understood in order to make it certain that he or she can play this game, realizing all winning possibilities or opportunities. High pair means complete money back to the player. It implies that if you bet for five coins and can pursue a high pair, then you will get all your money back that you had put forwarded for betting. In case of two pair, you have the option of doubling your money reserve. These are some distinct rules that have been added to this game to add little more spices of entertainment. Those who love video slot poker based games; this game can be the best engaging stuff for them. Plenty of opportunities are there for storming your brain and superb chances for grabbing a solid deal. So what are you waiting for? Let us find some other game features and briefs before trying our hands on this special game.

Rules and Strategies

As mentioned earlier, people would find this game quite easy to play if they know certain poker cards rules and have experience in playing poker games. Though, if you are a beginner, nothing much to worry as this piece of writing will help you to understand different aspects of the game. Here are some notable game rules at a glance:

  • All pays and play will become void, if any malfunction occurs.
  • For each wager hand, highest winner will be paid only.
  • In the Credits, players can find their awards.

Though the game is a matter of luck or chance, still the average pay has been reviewed very high! From 97 percent to 99 percent, the average pay back varies, which itself quite is encouraging, as well as lucrative. Thus, new comers to the world of video poker can certainly try their hands on this game, where chance of losing out all the money is quite minimal.

How to Play

To start with this game, you need to understand the credit first, which is shown on the top bar. To change your credit, you need to click on ‘Credit Value’ button. Up next, you need to select the credit value that you desire to purchase. For placing bets, follow the steps that are provided below:

  • Click ‘Bet 1’
  • For clicking Bet 1 each time, 10 hands will be increased by 1 credit
  • Maximum credit amount = 50
  • After reaching desired wager, click – ‘Play’
  • Clicking ‘Bet 1’ five times will automatically resume the game
  • In case of short of credit, clicking on ‘bet Max’ would lead to automatic 50 credits

In the game play section, you need to continue playing and betting through three important buttons and they are – Hold, Draw and Turbo.

Best Feature

Smart credit options and ease in game play mode are the best features of the game. For these two options, the average pay has been achieved so high!