For Beginners

What kind of website Betluck Casino is?

You can play casino games with real money on Betluck Casino.
Betluck Casino is licensed by the Isle of Man government. So,it’s legal.

Today gambling bops in the air with a tight fight scaling between the two extremes of legitimate & illegitimate. Very transparently we declare ourselves as one of the largest legal online casinos around the globe. Presenting the treasure of online casino games encompassing slot games, roulette, table games, video poker, etc we stand by our name Betluck Casino. Besides offering virtual interface to gamble we also offer large e-library for players to learn different casino games.

Explore our knowledge center to increase your chances of winning as we share informational contents explaining how to play online casino games and their relative strategies, tips & tactics to win those. Being the global gambling platform we stand as a medium to connect the expert gamblers throughout the world. Beginners should not lose their heart as Betluck Casino promises free games to practice in order to gain optimal experience to become expert. Offering numerous portals for you to indulge in perpetual gambling we fuel the excitement levels presenting multiple jackpots, bonuses and cash prizes. Polished with animations and dazzling panels Betluck Casino is an iconic online casino to associate with. Unwind becomes meaningful at our entertaining online casinos as these fetches you money.

Is Online Casino Safe ?

I guess some of you are not sure whether online casinos are safe or not, and some of you might be worried about that. For those who are interested in Betluck Casino and who are worried about its credibility,let me explain a little about the license Betluck Casino has.

Casino service companies have to have a license. In order to get a license, a company has to pass the strict inspection.

Some of companies run a casino service without a liconse. You shuld be careful with such companies.
-A Supervisor of Gambling Program “eCOGRA”

-A license “Gambling Supervision Commission” of the Isle of Man government which is very hard to get.

Wanna know more about the licenses? Click here!

On the other paw we also have a few parameters to ensure you that we present safe & secure online casinos like:

  • Payment Modes : We understand the value of your hard earned money. Since investment is critical to gambling therefore we promise highly secure payment methods to ensure you safe money transactions. Using robust e-commerce applications we guarantee all security measures for meticulous online money transactions. At Betluck Casino we take due care of your deposits and withdrawals.
  • Customer Support : Delivering promises we assure great customer support system. Live chats, phone and email are different media open for 24 X 7 for players to reach us any time. From answering general queries about game to intricate money matters our staff is alert enough for instant problem solving.
  • General Information : At Betluck Casino we are like an open book for our clients. We share each of the minutest details about our online casinos including registration, tenure, underneath technology and safety measures to educate our clients about our quality standards.
  • Reviews : Sharing clientele list is one of our duties and we take one additional step to share their views with you. At Betluck Casino Fan site we have special web page dedicated for the compilation of reviews. If you are a newcomer we encourage you to read the reviews by our clients to feel the natural skin of our online casinos.

Betluck Casino is highly safe and secure gambling platform promising excellent user experience. Try your hand on our online casinos to experience the difference yourself.

How to deposit and withdraw on Betluck Casino

“Can I really withdraw money? Even if possible, Isn’t troublesome?

If you think so, don’t worry. You can easily proceed payments using such online money transfer services as NETELLER or moneybookers.

For fund transfer paysafecard and Ukash can also be used in addition to above. Regarding withdrawal all modes are active but NETELLER or moneybookers would be more convenient.

Everytime you want to withdraw, you don’t have to contact Betluck casino.

We have videos regarding payment services. It might help you.

Be calm in your skin as we have solutions to each of your problems then may it be money transactions or anything else. Discover our compatible transaction modes promising great convenience.

Click here for Video Tutorial of NETELLER

Click here for the explanation about deposit and withdrawal

Playing Steps

※ For playing paid games, the following steps are required:


You need an account of either of them.

Japanese Support Deposit/Withdrawal Methods No.of Countries Using
YES <Deposit>
Deposit to Neteller account, Credit Card, Debit Card
Net+ Prepaid Card
Can be used in ATM Post offices worldwide, Remittance to bank account
NO <Deposit>
Deposit to moneybooker account, Credit Card
Remittance to bank account, DD

You can know more about opening an account of moneybookers Here