Mega Moolah online Jackpot game – Enjoy the Incredible and vivid African wild life theme

Author: Alice

The incredible and colorful African wild life themed virtual Mega Moolah jackpot game is known as the “Millionare Maker” by gamblers from all over the world.

Involving huge winning stakes, the probability of winning the jackpot is a little less. However, the lavish winning prize of the game motivates you to play more and more. The Mega Moolah offers extra bonus games like the Free Spins, Scatter and Wild rewards to further improve the chances of you winning the jackpot.

The game offers multiple opportunities for rewards in a creative and unique combination of 5 reels and 25 pay-lines plus a wheel of fortune style jackpot game. Lions help you to double your winnings. If you hit some of the Scatters, they will open the door to 15 Free Spins that re-trigger and multiply three times all of your winnings throughout the free spin cycle.

Not only has the theme of the game, but also the mega jackpot attracted lot of players to try their luck on the game.


Stephen, a Mega Moolah fan at Betluck Casino would like to share his gaming experience-

I have been playing this game from quite a long time at Betluck Casino. The more I played, the more I got a good hand on it And, today I have earned a jackpot €4 million! Yupiiee….I am so happy.

No wonder how I could play this game from pretty long time. It’s all because of the advance and user-friendly graphics as well as the bright African wild life theme of the game. The Mega Moolah features are cool and fascinating. One of the best features is the Jackpot wheel that offers the winning price of at least 1 million in the mega level.

In this way, I made my Mega Moolah journey a luxuriant and a special one. :D

Betluck Casino provides the most entertaining, safe and convenient ambience to play Mega Moolah. This game is a life-changing jackpot.

Play Roulette at your own pace and experience the thrill of betting

Author: Smith

Roulette is an extremely easy and fun filled game. All you have to do is read the set of instructions and rules before signing in for the online Roulette game. What makes online Roulette more interesting? The perfectly designed game at Betluck Casino for professional casino players makes the virtual game more enjoyable and challenging. Betluck is a gaming platform to flaunt your sharp skills and talent. One of the main reasons for the heavy rush at Betluck to play online Roulette is that they have kept the original spirit of the game alive amongst players!

You yourself have to learn the art and science to play this rolling game. From the money making spinning wheel to the sparkling numbers online roulette game is a big bag of opportunities for you. You should have the skill to grab the right chance for minting lavish money. Other than throwing numbers, there are certain tricks about odd and even wagering that sustains you throughout the game and at last makes you a winner.

What is the game all about? The ball rotates slowly around the Roulette wheel, which is marked with 1-36 numbers and has symbols 0 and 00. The ball jumps across the wheel. The numbers are alternately colored for fast identification and convenience of the casino gamblers. Then, wagers are placed on individual numbers or groups of numbers on the betting layout as per the betting limits. When the ball comes to rest on the roulette wheel, the dealer places a marker on the winning number on the table layout and pays the winning bets. Sign up at Betluck Casino to experience an ultimate online roulette game.


Let’s hear it fromSteve, a fan of Roulette at Betluck-

Going by my experience, Betluck Casino has always proved itself to be lucky for the players. It has attracted gamblers from all over the world to try their fortune in the game of Roulette. Moreover, its premium promotions and heavy jackpots lure the gamblers. I started playing this game a month back and now, I am addicted to this game. Initially, I was finding it difficult to play. However, with the growing experience at Betluck, I have learnt few tricks and eventually, have sharpened my gaming skills. Now, I thoroughly enjoy Roulette :D

Also, I loved the online game’s animation  It is safe to play in the fully controlled, secured and regulated environment of Betluck.

Turn the wheel of fortune at Betluck Casino!

Enhance your gambling skills by learning the basics of playing Blackjack

Author: Smith

There may be hundreds of online casino websites that are offering the virtual Blackjack game. However, Betluck Casino helps you to enhance your gaming skills by learning the basics of playing Blackjack.

Virtual Blackjack games are one of the most stress bursting card games. Grab the opportunity of winning surplus money by playing this game. Atlantic City Blackjack is the most commonly played game, followed by Vegas Strip Blackjack and then European Blackjack. If you are bored playing the ordinary Blackjack, then why don’t you try different variations like the Double Deck Blackjack, Pontoon and Progressive Blackjack? These variations have showed a new side of the game to the players from all around the world.


Blackjack is a feature-rich game that has nothing much to do with luck. Limiting your winning opportunities to fortune is unfair. :P Hence, you need to polish your playing skills, learn proper winning tactics and get acquainted with the rules. In short, all you need to use smart gambling tricks and strategies to win Blackjack. With this, you can pass all the levels easily and quickly. It is a fusion of luck, skills and opportunities.

Do you know how to start the game? Firstly, choose the chips and place a bet wherever you wish. Then, click on the “Deal” option to get started.

Online Blackjack has advance, user-friendly and well-defined graphics that gives you a feeling of gambling in a sophisticated hotel casino or an elegant casino lounge.

It has managed to grab the attention from gamblers from all over the world. Let’s hear it from Lexie who would like to share her gaming experience with Betluck.

Betluck Casino is a podium that helps to sharpen your gaming skills and judgement. It is really worth praising the audio & video effects that made my games more entertaining and interesting. I have been playing this game from past 3 months and I am enjoying it thoroughly The best aspect about Betluck is that they offer high amount of security. It makes me feel safe and secured to play on this online gambling website.

We believe in delivering an ultimate gaming experience. It’s time to play Blackjack and earn bonuses as well as promotions! :D

Fall in love and romance by playing Magic Love slot game

Author: Alice

Magic Love slot machine game, a classy creation of Net Entertainment is a feature- rich game.

Did you know players who manage to get 2-9 cars on the screen (the car being the scatter symbol) are paid according to the pay table? This is one of the highlighting features of the game. The Rolling Hill of Hollywood set up of the game attracts players from all over the world.

Welcome to the romantic ambience of Love Magic The graphics of the reel is based on love and creates a passionate setting because of palm trees, roses, hearts, rings along with cars and drinks like champagne. ;)

The high-end graphics of the game gives an ultimate experience of gambling in a sophisticated casino lounge. Also, the conventional casing consisting of an iron grid wherein there are heart symbols and stars are very attractive and elegant.

All you have to do is read the rules and instructions given on our website very carefully and you are ought to win each round of this game. It is one of the very easy slot machine games. The game consists of eight lines. The players can use eight coins in each one of them leading to 64 coins in each round of the game.

betluck-online-casino-magic love

Let’s hear it from Rachel, a fan of Magic Love at Betluck-

Firstly, the girly pink background lures me to play this slot game again and again. I am just in love with the bar graphics. They are so cool and fashionable :P

The bar graphics are stylish and fashionable and the best features of this online slot game. Initially, I signed up for $5 game and eventually within a week, I got completely addicted to play this game. I advise all the crazy casino players to sign up with Betluck to mint heavy money in just a month. Who doesn’t like to play games and in return get paid for it???

In addition, its stop skill feature allows the gamers to stop the game and create winning combinations with the help of the Autoplay, which is another unique feature of this game. The Autoplay option allowed me to spin the machine as many time I wanted.

Magic Love is a choice of many players, who are especially looking for freshness in the category of online slot games. Betluck Casino is a ground to sharpen your gaming skills and boost up your playing talent.

Tempting promotions for every users at Betluck Casino

Betluck Casino, the online casino portal lures their players by offering astounding promotions, heavy jackpots and loads of bonuses. Never in the dreams, had the players thought that the online gambling experience so exciting and thrilling. However, now it is all possible because of Betluck Casino!!

Promotions takes the player from one level to the another level. As you pass a level of gaming, you are promoted to a next bigger level. Promotions help you to fetch ever-growing bonuses and jackpots.

betluck-promotionHey folks! I’m Ashton, a fan of Betluck and I wish to share my wonderful experience of wining promotions-

I have been playing online casino at Betluck from past a few months. Truly, promotional offers at Betluck Casino are out of the box. I won some promotions by playing my favorite games-online roulette and craps, the popular dice game. Moreover, in the quest of earning big money and promotions, I participated in the website’s few tournaments and some gaming events. Eventually, my luck worked wonders at the time of tournaments and I got promotions within no time.File:icon biggrin.gif

Recently, I won an iPad as my name was in the Monthly Prize Draw list. From past consecutive 4 weeks, I was depositing £ 50 to win the V.I.P Bonus. And, finally I made it to the list!!

Now days, I am recommending my friends to play for wining heavy amounts like me. However, with them even I will earn some money since Betluck gives you bonus of £ 100 per friend. Isn’t that great??

Just by sitting online and playing a few games, it’s fascinating to get my wallet filled with more and more promotions. Well, promotions are only a part of my earning other than jackpots and bonuses. It’s great to get paid for playing games!

The gaming experience at Betluck is the ultimate! Refer to their terms and conditions for promotions before starting up your game. They are mentioned on website.

 It’s time to catch up the latest promotions on their website to win affluent promotions. The cup of promotions is in front of you. So what are you waiting for buddies?? All you have to do is register, log in and get started with your beloved games and share your experience.

Banking at Betluck is so easy with quick withdrawals without any hassles

There is no rocket-science applied for banking at Betluck Casino, an online casino portal. They have made deposits and withdrawals very easy and convenient for all their valued players. You can visit to get clear ideas on all their available banking/payment procedures.

banking Hey all the Casino Lovers! I’m Britney, a fan of Betluck Casino; I would like to share my experience on banking with Betluck. I have been playing games on Betluck from past few months. And touchwood; I have never come across any hassles while depositing and withdrawing balance.

Firstly, you need to read the set of rules and methods given on the website. With that, you will get to know range of options favorable to you. Select the suitable option- default balance, payment option etc and proceed further as per the given instructions.

Once, I wanted to increase the default deposit limit so I contacted the Customer Support and immediately they provided me with help. In the same way, once I wished to lower the limit so all I had to do is go the “MY WALLET” option on the left side and I was done with it within no time. My time and energy were saved because I dint have to go around hunting for options. They all were in front of my eyes. With a click, the things I wished to do were done so easily at a quick pace. Isn’t that great??? Most importantly, all the payment options at Betluck are free of any kind of charges!!

I played with real money too. It’s fun and exciting to bet with your real money. The procedure for transferring in to real money is quite easy. All I did was. I selected “Transfer” from the “MY WALLET” to fill the Casino wallet with the real money. The day I played with real money, my luck did wonders on me. :) My winning amount was transferred in my account within the same week.

Hey folks I need to say that I had a wonderful banking experience with Betluck. So guys what are you waiting for?? Their online site is open for gaming round the clock. Register yourself, log in and get started with the thrilling games to win heavy bonuses, loaded jackpots and astounding promotions!  Experience it yourself!

Playing Jackpot Games is lot more fun at Betluck Casino

Looking for a stroke of luck that fills your life with lots of money ? Here is Betluck Casino you can win extravagant jackpots, heavy bonuses and astounding promotions. So what are you waiting for??? Our website is loaded with progressive jackpot casino games. Start gambling at your time and convenience. All you have to do is register yourself at to get started with some thrilling casino games.

Let’s hear a gambling experience from Sandra, a fan of online Betluck Casino- Hey all the casino lovers! I am a Treasure Nile fanatic. I highly recommend this game since it transports you back to the culture of ancient Egypt because the game is a typical Egyptian slot that offers a chance to win a big fat jackpot. Having crystal clear graphics and complementing sound effects, my over all gaming experience was authentic and amusing. In addition to the usual symbols, the game introduces you to some out of the box symbols like scatters and wild to enhance your gaming journey.

jackpot (2)

 Apart from it, I played Party chicks. Since it suited my gambling style and budget, I was comfortable playing it. I was so thrilled by the game that I played consecutively seven times in a row as I enjoyed the game to the core. However, every time I played I tried my luck with different betting values. This game took me on a wonderful online drive to enjoy the night life of the town. I am sure young girls would love the game. ;-)

As per the saying, “The game varies from player to player”, you can get a chance to play with your favorite opponents. A mix of right timing, right game and sly moves is a perfect recipe of successful gambling.

By reading our user’s experience, don’t you think playing jackpot at Betluck Casino is lot more fun? You require a fusion of fortune and intellect to step on the precious Betluck Casino’s jackpot victory. It’s time to reap sweet fruits of gaming. Experience the best online casino ever! Good luck :-D

Dice Games – Craps, one of its kind and its wonderful experience

It’s time to try your luck with an exciting and frolic dice game- Craps. Betluck Casino, offers the thrill of playing Craps, along with earning lavish promotions, loaded jackpot and astonishing bonuses. Visit and get started with playing this unique dice game.

Knowing more about the game, Jennifer, the fan of Craps at Betluck Casino would like to share her wonderful gaming experience- Hey all the casino lovers! Craps is an amazingly complex game that is played with the help of fortune and tricks on betting. At Betluck Casino, this is my favorite game since I have filled my wallet with good amount of bonuses and jackpots earned by playing it regularly. I didn’t know craps at all. Thanks to the crisp and clear game rules displayed on the website that helped my game to become strong and eventually, the best on the website. With the rule book, I could play craps ethically, without breaking any rules. Betluck Casino helped me to learn the game constantly and gradually, to become a better and a bigger player. Believe me, the game is a strong addiction.

Daily I am in a race to heavy my pockets with more and more jackpots, bonuses and promotions. :-D


Graphically excellent with complementing sound as well as the player- friendly interface, makes your online gaming experience real and lively.

My friends tell me that I am a champion in this game and did ask me the secret of mastering on the tricks and rules of it. Well, my answer is simple- The game is a fusion of luck and intellect. Playing/betting number of times can get you a proper hand on it. Other than this, it is the luck that works for you. Lastly, the biggest reason is this website that guarantees you to make you an expert in all its games.

What can you expect more? When you get paid to have fun by playing an entertaining dice game! ;-)

Craps is the fastest pacing, adrenaline pumping and action-packed game utilizing a pair of dice. Add Betluck Casino in your list to experience the ultimate gambling fun and prize! Goodluck !

Top casino players in the world

This article will tell you the list of top casino players in the world who have won more prize money in the casino gaming industry from its list world series of poker main event champs or WSOP. The WSOP is the oldest, largest and most media hyped gaming competition in the world. The WSOP main event receives a world series of poker bracelet, millions of dollars. Since 2008 a list of players made it to the final table are called November Nine which means the final table takes place in the month of November.

Johnny Moss was the first player to win the WSOP and he shares a distinction with another player named Stu Ungar who have won main event three times. Ungar won three times in freeze-out. Peter Eastgate was the youngest person to win the main event in 2002 at the age of 22 until his record was broken by a man of 21 years to become a youngest main event champion.

World Series of Poker Main Event Champs

World Series of Poker

 Since the WSOP was introduced in the year 1970 and the first winner was Jonny Moss and he won it again with prize money of $30,000.  In the years 2000 and 2001 the prize money was 1,500,000 and the winners were Chris Ferguson and Carlos Mortensen. In the year 2002 the winner went with 2,000,000 and his name Robert  Varkonyi. In the year 2003 the winner was  Chris Moneymaker with 2,500,000. In the year 2004 Greg Raymer  won with 5,000,000. In the year 2005 Joe  Hachem won with a prize money of 7,500,000. The year 2007 saw Jerry Yang won with 8,250,000. In 2009 the winner Joe Cada went home with 8,574,649. The year 2021 the winner was Greg Merson and  prize money of 8,715,638. In the year 2008 Peter Eastgate went away with 9,152,416. In the year 2011 Pius Heinz walked away with 8,715,638. In the year 2010 the winner Jonathan Duhamel won with 8,944,138. The year 2006 highest prize money was given with Jamie Gold winning 12,000,000.

Many players won from 1972 and with prize money increasing year by year.

Casinos and Gambling in the United Kingdom

1 Legalities of Online gambling in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the largest gambling locations in the world and it has plenty of casinos, racetracks and gambling facilities. Adding to the list is an online gambling for UK residents as they can sit from their home in front of the computer. There are no regulations under the law being framed as of now to ban online gambling providing players from the UK with full freedom to select any online casino operating and getting huge benefits while playing their online casino games.

The people of the UK are the lucky ones with not to have any ban on gambling online. Many players from other countries will be banned from playing in certain casino sites but with UK players from other countries will be allowed to play without any worry. But in 2005 the UK government passed legislation on online gambling and got it legalized. With the creation of the gambling act in 2005 many new casinos has come up and operating in the UK. The main aim is to prevent problem gambling and ensure all players get justice. These casinos are highly technical in nature and regulated under the laws.


Lottery in the United Kingdom or UK

Lotteries are fairly popular and widespread in the UK both in online and offline. In the UK online gambling is divided into separate sections such as betting, casinos and sweepstakes. The betting involves sports and horse racing and financial multiply deals while casinos include poker, roulette and blackjack. The national lottery site of the United Kingdom is the most popular site website and followed by sites such as William Hill, Party Poker and Ladbrokes. The online lottery is fast catching up in the UK with the rest of European countries.

If you want to play lottery online you should be a resident of the UK with an age of 16 and more are allowed to play. He would have to open an account and register you. The main aim of promoting lotteries is to raise money for local charities and other noble causes and in UK national lottery is a once such organization and it is earned a name for itself for helping charity. Operated by Camelot the UK National lottery focuses its attention on giving funds to local NGOs.