Power Blackjack – Player’s Suite


Power Blackjack Player’s Suite is a variant of online classic Blackjack games, with a classical theme and has a lot of new features to offer to the gamers. IGT is the maker of this piece of classic game, which is a renowned developer when it comes to developing classic style casino games. The game was released back in 2010 and since then it has been able to clinch the hearts of the gamers for being an interesting as well as exceptional classic style Blackjack game. Though the game offers plenty of opportunities to earn, yet it does not have any jackpots to offer, which is a prominent drawback of this game. However, for that reason craze for this game never seems to decline as the game is interesting, brain teasing and at the same time, there are a lot of chances to grab a good deal if they can play sharp.

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Rules and Strategy

As this is a variant of the classic style Blackjack game, hence there are not many changes in rules and strategies. If you are familiar with Blackjack games, you can easily get accustomed with this game. The interface is 2 dimensional and simple enough though graphically the overall interface is quite appealing, as well as engaging. So, get ready to spend a few hours before the screen with Power Blackjack – Player’s Suite. There are two powerful features in this game that the gamers need to understand. One is Power Double Feature another is Power Split feature. Power Double gives the second chance, whereas Power Split is there to aid you to get rid of any bad situation. Insightful understand and intelligence to use these trumps will help to boost your skills in this game and will also ensure bagging a good amount.

How to Play

To play Power Blackjack Player’s Suite, as mentioned earlier you have to follow the same card rules as you do in case of classic style blackjack game. To play this game online,

  • Initially, you need to create an account in the website and then before starting with it; you have to put your bets. For placing bets, you need to transfer money to your gaming account, which can be done via using a credit card. Here are few things to remember if you are getting ready to go with this game:
  • In power blackjack you have to beat the deal by accumulating cards values. Though your value should not exceed 21; otherwise you will lose.
  • After placing bets, you can reconsider your bet before hitting the PLAY button.
  • After hitting the PLAY button, you will get two playing cards; both of them will be faced up. On the other hand, dealer will also receive 2 playing cards, though only one will be faced up.

The numbering goes like this – face cards carry 10 points, Aces carry either 11 or 1. A Blackjack will be achieved if your card value is 21 and in that case you will be the winner of that game. In other cases, you just have to beat the points of the dealer.

Best Feature

The game offers some new feature, like – Power Double and Power Split – both of them can be your lifeline when you are in a decisive position. Using them meticulously, gamers can clinch higher amounts.