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Do you know where the Roulette games were invented? Well, there are some controversies, but a major section of people and historians believe that roulette games were first introduced in France and from there is spread out throughout the Europe. The success behind roulette games is not new and the craze for it came into being since it started or introduced first. History says that in France, gambling sorts of games were banned at a time. Hence, it is a clear evident that why the roulette games were not successful in that very country. Rather gaining popularity in France, the games become hugely popular in rest of the parts of the Europe and USA.

Thereafter in 1990, France ruled out the banning process over gambling sorts of games. As a result, casino games or roulette games started gaining popularity yet again in France. However, French roulette is different than major portion of Europe that plays this game. The rules are different, though the level of excitement is the same, even you may find French roulette to be more interesting than normal European style roulette. French Roulette Gold offers the France based roulette, where rules are different from the orthodox online roulette. If you are getting bored with old style roulette, it is the time to switch over to French Roulette Gold.

Rules and Strategy

If you have played roulette games, then you will find this game to be a little bit different. Actually the French roulette rules are completely different from the mainstream European style roulette. Players who have played European roulette previously may very well know that zero means lose. But in case of French roulette, you will find zero means no losing out rather adding money to the account. Is that sounding interesting? Well, certainly it is interesting enough! So as a player you need to make some basic adjustments with the rules and strategies. Rests will be the same and as more you play the games, the more you will explore fun out of that. This is actually a good way of getting rid of the boredom of playing the regular online roulette games. With new rules you are bound to regain interest in online casino.

How to Play

  • To play with the French Roulette Gold and to spin the bottle of luck, all that players need to do is start investing on a startup bet amount.
  • In French roulette the player has to keep in mind that even and odds – these are two void words.
  • Now, you must be wondering how to play casino style games without evens and odds. Well, not to worry as those two words are replaced by ‘pair’ and ‘impair’ respectively and the concept remains the same.
  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dozen columns have been replaced by P, M and D respectively. First 18 numbers are referred as ‘Manque’. From 19 through 36 signifies ‘pass’.

These are some of the basic rules that each player needs to follow before playing

Best Feature

The French style roulette is the best feature of the game. This adds freshness, without much changing the basic concept and hence, the whole game play becomes more interesting.