Hellboy slot game is exciting and definitely those who love comics or movie of Hellboy, would definitely plunge for this game. The game is basically based on the comics, not on the movie. However, that has nothing to do with the exciting level that this game features to the users. If you are new to the world of Hellboy, then here is some information for you on Hellboy. Understanding the game plot is important for playing this game as this will make you accustomed with the game in a quick span of time. Hellboy is basically a demon, a good demon of course, who cut off his horns and assists Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). He helps the world to stay aside from the dangerous creatures. Four of his friends are missing and suspected to be found in the underground. As a player you have to guide Hellboy to find his friends in the underground. Hellboy needs to go through a maze door and here comes the first bonus game for you. You need to activate the bonus round by clicking three scatter symbols.

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Rules and Strategy

Original artwork and stunning 3D graphics of the game are the most prominent featuring points of this game. And if you want to grab some real deals through this game, well then you can definitely do that through this game. There are 5 reels and 20 pay lines for the payers, which is quite standard with respect to the other slot games. If you are a streamlines slot gamer, you would not find any difficulties with this game. The best thing is that you can win a lucrative jackpot, worth £92,000 in this game.

Though it looks like a simple 5 reel and 20 pay line slot game, with every spin you can reveal more features of this game. In this game, the wild symbol is important. It is the logo of the Hellboy, which substitutes all other symbols on the reels. Players should try to have a wild as it would improvise the chances of the player to win more payline combinations.

How to Play

To start with, you have to trigger the underworld bonus feature. This will start Hellboy’s journey to find the missing members of his team. Four levels are there for your advancements and each higher level has higher amount of rewards for you. You aim is to achieve Relic of Power by fighting hard with the evils. The more you advance the better prize money you can secure – as simple as that! There is another mode in this game, namely Super Mode. You can win a maximum 10 free games at this mode.

Best Feature

The game is vast, contains plenty of features. However, the game has a unique feature, which is known as Gamble Feature, which is a new thing in the world of slot games. The feature allows players to double their win through simple selection of the gamble option. This feature is exciting, as well as gives high chances to grab some good rewards through this game.