Triple Pocket Holdem Poker


For those who have played Texas Hold’em, may find this game pretty similar, having a few alternative options. The game can be regarded as an extended version of Texas Hold’em, featuring some new options, like – Turn and River, betting on flop and the payers are also endowed with chances to exchange pocket cards. The center of the table is furnished with 5 community cards. The starter can also change his or her hand as the option is there for you if you do not like the cards that you have been provided at the first time. What if you get cards not according to expectation once again after swapping hands? Well, do it again – you can try it unlimited times initially! This option of this poker game is unique and very helpful for the novice players. So, it is not just a form of traditional poker playing – the game offers gambling and fun, along with a handful of new features.

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Rules and Strategies

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold is one of the latest additions of in the world of micro gaming’s gold series. The game offers plenty of chances to win and grabbing a handsome amount in the pocket. It’s not only gambling and fun but pretty engaging too as the newly added options are very interesting, as well as quite interactive. With a royal flush, you can win up to fifty times bonus. Even this can be down with a slight twist of the table, which is definitely stylish and confidence rising for the gamblers. There are 3 hands to choose for and that is why the name of the game contains ‘triple pocket’ phrase.

With the dealings of three pairs of pocket cards, each game begins. Each pair will deal with you first and you have the option to hold them either, or pass them to the dealer instead! As there are three pairs, you have the option to pass the first two pairs, but as there are only three pairs – you need to accept the last pair in anyways. If your poker beats the dealer’s hand, then you can become victorious in the Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold online game. However, clinching victory in this game can be a little difficult for the beginners. For streamlined players – it will be a challenging experience and an opportunity to hit some pounds.

How to Play

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When it comes to wage of this game, players have a range of choice from 1 dollar to 200 dollars. You can win maximum 8200 coins from this game and a 50 times bonus with a Royal Flush! Now, have a glimpse on the payout of this game:

  • 20:1 – Straight Flush
  • 50:1 – Royal Flush
  • 10:1 – Four of a kind
  • 2:1 – Flush
  • 4:1 – Full House
  • 1:1 – straight and three of a kind

Best of the Features

There are a few features that are pretty useful for the novice, as well as for the experienced players. Here are the best features of this game:

  • Help – At the left hand top of the screen, there is a question mark, which will assist the players.
  • Chips – For increasing or decreasing denominations, these are used.

Overall, Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold is a fun online poker which has an array of options for the players. So delve more fun and earn!