Network Poker

In the world of online gambling and casinos there are many manifestations, versions and experiments all in the spirit to provide an enhanced gambling experience to the users. One such attempt is Poker Network. A poker network quintessentially is specially designed poker software by a specific company that has been given a license to host the software on independent sites for free. The software designers make their monies by licensing the product and poker sites earn revenue by attracting new users.

Multiple websites can license the same poker network. Thus many sites may have the same interface, and game rules, bonuses and features. Poker network is an economical way to get entry into the online poker business, vis-à-vis the huge start up costs. Technically poker network is a number of poker rooms sharing the same software and players and Skin is a poker room on the network. Sites tend to individualise in aspects such as logo-design and colour, also called ‘skins’, meaning that each has a highly unique look and feel despite using the same gaming engine.

A poker network is simply a collection of poker rooms that share the same software and players to help keep the tables active. Each skin on a network has its own unique color scheme and logo, but the poker clients use the same engine and you will find the same players at the tables regardless of which skin you play at. It is also possible to sign up for an account at more than one skin on a network.

One of the most attractive aspects of poker network is that once you are a part of the network, a new poker site instantly has a measurable amount of action at that table already, because all licenses within the same network usually share the same player pool. Thus a website that may not have much traffic can have access to a huge player base through network poker. In return for providing these sites with their software and a player base, the Network takes a share of the profits from each of their partner-websites. This provides both parties with a good deal; the gaming site will have access to much more players than if it tried to function independently, and the Network gets another profit-generating client.

Many also have their own customer support departments. To simplify, Tower Poker and Betsafe are two ‘skins’ of the OnGame Network. Players are welcome to have accounts with more than one skin on the same poker network, and in many cases are actively encouraged to do so. As a player, you may want to have multiple accounts at the same poker network, through different skins, to take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by each individual poker room.

There is nothing wrong with poker rooms on poker networks. Online poker is very competitive, so joining a network is one of the best ways for a new room to get a foothold in the world of online poker. The one good thing about networks is that they tend to have similar bonuses and clearing rates. This means that if you like a bonus at one skin, the chances are that there is a similar one at a different skin on the same network, so you can scout around and see what bonuses you can take advantage of.