Transformers Payback


Before we move further with several other aspects of this game, it has to be noted that this game has been already declared as the biggest slot game to hit the market. For action game lover, this is a great opportunity to allure themselves with full house of action, along with the chance to bag a few bucks. Transformer Payback is basically a PC game which has clinched good amount of popularity amongst the PC gamers. The slot version of the game is anticipated to carry out the same legacy of popularity in coming days. This is a classic action slot game, having 5 reel and 25 pay line to offer to the payers. The game is outfitted with some exciting features by the makers and the bonus rounds are quite lucrative.

Rules and Strategies

As mentioned earlier, the game features 5 reel and 25 pay line, with a lot of exciting features. Those who are quite accustomed with the PC version of this game may find this pretty easy to play. No such huge changes in rule have been observed, though playing slot games definitely requires a bit more vigilance if you are interested to win some pounds through it. The game offers 5 credits per pay line which is a great advantage for the novice slot gamers. Bonus modes can fetch you bigger amount of reward and thus always count on the bonus rounds. The graphics part of the game is excellent and the players are bound to appreciate that. On the other hand, icons are built meticulously to assist the players to understand different bonus modes and salient game strategies carefully.

How to Play/Win

The game is all about choosing the right winner and let the winner to fight it out on behalf of your. This is a free spin bonus slot game which will continue to spin until a character is defeated and you have used all your 100 spins. On the 5th reel, the fight symbol appears. You can choose to play as single player or you can also go for the multiplayer option. To activate more fun, multiplayer mode should be chosen. Six time multiplier is awarded to those whose transformers still have the power. The more lucrative bonus is a mega 20 times multiplier if your transformer or character remains in perfect health at the end of the fight. Well, that is difficult, but yes the challenge is worthy enough to go for.

For endorsing more fun to the players, the slot game also possesses a gamble feature. In this mode, you can gamble your winning. All you need to do is pressing the ‘gamble’ button and then choose the spin button. You will be taken to a new play mode, which has a lot of playing cards. This mode can double your chance of earning, thus play it carefully!

Best of Game Feature

Game play is definitely the best feature of the game. It is an action packed game which provides perfect mental aids when you are alone at home or bored of regular routines.