Dawn of the bread


Dawn of the bread is an online scratch card game that has a bakery theme wherein a post apocalyptic world which is taken over by zombies the player is expected to fight the living dead. The game has only a few human survivors left. The player’s job is to bake the bread and to stay alive and eat it. Take bites from loaves to reveal what’s hidden inside. Missing body parts and eyeballs are just a few hidden treasures that the player may find within your bread.

Play it right or Drop Dead

Rules & Strategy

The rules are easy to understand, simply choose a wager between $1 and $10 to start with. Start scratching the panels by choosing one by clicking on it with the mouse. You also have the option to “scratch all” in order to speed up the game. As in most scratch card games your goal is to match three symbols to win.

The instant win scratch card shows nine loaves of bread. Players should not be fooled by the golden appearance of the loaves because their insides hide horrible creatures and terrifying treats. Scratching the loaves reveals these devilish goodies, like eyeballs and squirming insects. If three of the disgusting symbols are matched, the player wins. Three eyeballs are especially lucky, enabling the player to win 10,000 times the bet immediately.

During game play, players must choose an amount to put at stake. From £2 to £10 and up, the more you choose to put at stake, the more you can win. Purchase your scratch card and begin taking bites from the bread as zombies watch. There are a total of nine loaves of bread. Match three body parts or horrors that are found in the loaves and win a select prize multiplier amount. Symbols can be revealed all at once for fast play.

Fight the Zombies!

How to Play/Guidelines

The grotesque baker fills the oven with bread and inside each is one of the 5 possible symbols. The object of the game is to match three of the same symbols to win. This is one of the better Scratch Cards because the highest payout is valued 10,000x the wager placed. Huge money is possible to win on this instant game. The game begins after making your bet and clicking New Card to unveil what inside each loaf. Let’s hope all eyes are on you because this is the big Jackpot prize

Step 1 – Click on the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease your stake in Dawn of the Bread Scratch Cards.

Step 2 – When you’re ready to play, click on the orange new card button to start.

Step 3 – The goal in Dawn of the Bread Scratch Cards is to match up three of the symbols displayed to your left to win.


You will find several bonus features in the Dawn of the bread, and the jackpot is the ultimate goal to hit. The multipliers in Dawn of the bread go from x2, x5, x10, x100, and x2500 and all the way up to the jackpot x10000! In other words the top prize is a 10,000 multiplier, making the top win possible to as much as €100,000.