Magic Love


Magic Love is a slot machine game that consists of nine spinning reels that can be operated independently and eight pay lines for the players of this game. The game has been developed by Net Entertainment and it has gained popularity all over the world. In the game of Magic Love, the scatter symbol is a car and those players, who are able to get around 2-9 cars on the screen are paid according to the pay table. Similar to other games that come from Net Entertainment, this one is also known for its unique features. The game brings in a fresh lease of life as it is set up in the Rolling Hill of Hollywood and it is not surprising that the essence of the game stands out among the other online slot games.

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In the game of Magic Love, there is a conventional casing in the slot consisting of an iron grid and the entire set up is pink in color with heart symbols and stars on the screen and the background is equally aristocratic resembling a casino or the lounge of an elegant and sophisticated hotel. The graphics of the reel is based on love and creates a romantic ambience because of palm trees, roses, hearts, rings along with cars and drinks like champagne. The bar graphics are tasteful and fashionable at the same time and the best features of this online slot game. The game consists of eight lines and the players have the opportunity to use eight coins in each one of them leading to 64 coins in each round of the game.

How to Play

The players can enjoy playing this game by using the following buttons that are also known to control the flow of the game:

  • All Lines: With the help of this button you can use a coin for all the pay lines and when you press it several times, you will be able to add more bets to the game.
  • Max Bet: You can bet 8 coins to the maximum level in each line for spinning the reels and for eight lines the total number of coins that you can put for bet is 64.
  • Spin: This is meant for spinning the reels with the amount of bet that you have chosen.
  • Single Line: With this button, a single coin can be used for bet in each pay line and press it many times if you want to add more bet than the existing one.
  • Pay Table: This is the button that shows the combination of winning lists.
  • Clear Bets: You can remove all the best that you have used on the pay liens by using this button.

Best Feature

The Skill Stop Feature that is present in this game allows the players to stop the game and create winning combinations with the help of Autoplay, which is another unique feature of this game. The Autoplay option enables the machine to spin as much as it is desired by a player. The choice of coins and the number of pay lines for putting their bet and finally select the number of spins that they want for creating the winning combination. Magic Love is preferred by several online slot game players looking for freshness in the category of these games.