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Cleopatra is a mystic historical figure, having recognized as one of the influential women character of ancient times. She was bold, beautiful and of course being a queen, she was intelligent. The combination of these three attributes actually made her a mystic character and her mystery death has been into the controversy for all time. A lot of films were made in Hollywood, featuring Cleopatra. Online slot gaming world also included her into slot games to attract the gamers. Cleopatra is basically a 5 reel slot game, having a lot of things to offer for the gamers. There are mysteries, brain teasing stuffs and a lot of opportunity to win a good amount. The game has been developed by IGT, one of the eminent game developers. The game features a high jackpot amount of 10000 coins. However, the game play is not seamless at all; there are a lot of twists and turns waiting for the gamers. So, get ready to try their hands on this game and face the exciting challenges that it offers.

Rules and Strategy

The rules are not quite complicated but as a novice slot player, they may find it a bit difficult. The reel icons use a selection of bespoke designs mixed in with the classic 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. The theme is based on the historical ages of Egypt and different icons are there which are very interesting indeed. Some of the icons are: Sphinx, Gold ingots, Cleopatra herself, hook and flail, etc. All these stuffs create an aura of historical age of Cleopatra and thus making the game more interesting, in terms of its interface.

The minimum bet starts with 0.01 pounds, whereas the maximum bet is around 131.39 British pounds. For the beginners starting with minimum bet is suggested. Maximum bets will clinch more amounts though there are high amounts of risks too. The wild symbols of the game substitutes all other symbols except the scatter. Whenever, the payer involves in some winning position, Cleopatra comes to suggest. These suggestions can be handy and thus having a close look at them is suggested. Two scatter symbols double the player’s bets, whereas three scatter multiplies the bets with 5, four by 20 and the last but not the least, 5 scatter brings an impressive 100 multiplier. So chances of clinching high amount are quite easy!

Therefore, if you are prepared to strike on the Pacific Ocean enthused by the World War 2 battles in the main and the bonus game and you will have the opportunity to win as much as 300,000 coins in the former one and up to about 250,000 coins in the latter game. However, only that player is able to get a payment, who has exhibited the highest win in a bet line.

How to Play

Simply knowing the game is not enough as a gamer should know how to play it in a proper way.

  • The player needs to initially place bets and then hit the play button.
  • As soon as he does that he will be taken to the game play mode, where he needs to read all instructions on the screen minutely to understand the game play.
  • After few practice sessions, the player will become streamlined enough and then can start betting with higher amounts.
  • A player should not always aim for jackpot. If he is unable to make one he should atleast make an effort to hit.
  • Hitting jackpot is not easy as it may sound difficult but if the player can do that he will be endowed with 10000 coins.
  • The player on the whole just needs to take pains to reach up to jackpot

Best Feature

Excellent graphics and seamless game play mode are the best features. Along with these, Cleo’s suggestion makes this game more interesting and engaging. So, that should also be kept under the best features tag.