Dr Magoo’s Adventure


Dr. Magoo’s Adventure is an Indiana themed game, which is exclusively made for those who want some brain teasers, want to reveal some fun through slot gaming. Action games or sports genre are too mainstream, this game is something which differs from other in many aspects. Irrespective of your age, you can try this game as so much fun are there for you to explore, so many new things to learn and will certainly be a teaser for your IQ level. The main character of the game, Mr. Magoo, who is a sophisticated professor, an English gentleman, looks like a scientist. The whole game play is dependent on this guy and his activities. Hence, it will be a journey of mystery solving, as well as adventure.

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Rules and Strategies

This is a simple slot game, having no complicated rules! The game offers 5 non progressive reels and 20 pay lines to the players and payout percentage of this game is amazing – ranging around 95%. This 3D slot game has different kinds of symbols, including wild symbols, scattered symbols, free spin and 1605.45 pounds jackpot win opportunity. The 3D version of the game has recently released and with no wonder this version is getting mammoth popularity with the advent of time. The craze for 3D gaming is on a peak and this sheriff gaming platform has a lot of things to contain the players, providing both fun and opportunity of winning a handful of cash.

The game features stunning graphics – each and every element contains high details. The game play scenarios are quite interesting. Exclusive cartoon introduction at the initial and intermediate stages of the game are the featuring points of this game. A bunch of cute characters are there and as this is a kind of jungle adventure, you will find loads of animated animal characters, such as – panthers, tiki heads, monkeys, etc. A lot of betting amounts are offered to the players at the initial stage of the game. From 0.01 pounds to 3.21 pounds you can opt for any amount in between this range at the initial point of the game. All you need is multiplying your initial amount as you progress the gaming levels. There is even a chance of winning a big jackpot amount, which of course needs practice and expertise.

How to Play

In order to form a winner there is a wild symbol, which can replace all other regular symbols. There are no multipliers in this game, thus you have to push yourself in the game play mode to achieve the wild symbol. There is a scatter symbol present too, which comes into the picture with mysterious stone doorway. This will award 10, 15 and 25 free spins to the players whenever respectively 3, 4 and 5 appears, along with an active pay line. It is clear that the scatter feature in this game is not at all mainstream, thus the scatter is difficult to achieve. In the bonus stages, you can win additional 10 to 25 bonus spins.

Best Feature

3D part is the best part of this game. These days, 3D games are mostly cherished by the gamers and with its stunning graphics, Dr. Magoo’s Adventure provides exquisite 3D gaming experience to the users.