Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit promises to be a fun and exciting online poker game, which is simple and easy to play. The differentiating factor about Poker pursuit vis-à-vis the other variety of poker games is that the player is able to increase their real-money winnings by increasing the number of coins they decide to bet. In this game three cards are dealt and, then before the fourth and fifth cards are dealt out the player can choose to raise their bet by one coin or they can alternatively call for an additional card without raising the bet. The game is about making smart decision on when to raise the bet and when to go for the card, and when to call and the objective like all games is to maximize winning and minimize losses. Payouts are based on hands starting with a pair of tens or better. Poker Pursuit has not wild cards and the maximum payout the game allows is 3000 coins.

How to play

Online poker pursuit starts with placing an initial bet which is done so by clicking the available plus or minus button, through which the player can choose the coin size they want to use. Once the bet is set the player has to deal by clicking on the deal button. With this the first phase of the game is initiated in which three cards are dealt out. After scrutinizing the initial three cards the player is to choose from the two, i.e. to raise or call. They can do so by simply clicking on the respective buttons. Clicking on raise, leads to raising the bet by one coin. With this choice the second phase starts, wherein the fourth card is dealt.

The player has another opportunity to call or raise. And then comes the final phase, in which the fifth card is dealt.

How to win

Post the fifth phase if the player is holding a winning poker hand then they will be paid out according to the payout table and the winnings will be displayed in the ‘Win’ box. The winning amount is decided based on how good the hand is, multiplied by how many coins the player has bet. Here in the winning poker hand is a pair of tens or better. The highest payout happens during the royal flush which pays out at the rate of 1,000 to 1. If a maximum of three coins are raised then the player gets 3000 coins which is the highest payout of the game. If the player is not holding a winning hand the game is over and one can start over. Pursuit’s winning combinations are based on the classic winning poker hands.

Poker Pursuit Glossary

  • Flush – a hand consisting of five cards on the same suit
  • Call – to proceed to the next round without betting more money
  • Raise – make a larger bet vis-à-vis the previous one
  • Four of a Kind – hand consisting of four cards of the same denomination and one other card
  • Full House – hand consisting of three cards of the same denomination, plus any pair of a different denomination
  • Pair – Two cards of the same denomination.
  • Royal Flush – hand consisting of a ten, jack, queen, king and ace of the same suit. It is the highest possible poker hand.
  • Straight – hand consisting of five consecutive cards of mixed suits.
  • Straight Flush – hand consisting of five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind – hand consisting of three cards of the same denomination, and two unpaired cards